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Pierfrancesco Zilio

Pierfrancesco Zilio was born in Monselice (PD, Italy). He obtained my M.Sc. degree in Phyisics at Padova University in 2009.

After his degree he started my PhD in theoretical/computational nanophtonics joining the Laboratory of Nanofabrication of Nanodevices (LaNN - Venetonanotech) in Padova where he defended his thesis titled "Mechanisms of surface plasmon polariton propagation for nanooptics applications" in 2013. After one year of collaboration with Venetonanotech company as a junior researcher, he joined IIT in 2014 as Post-Doc. His current research fields are: multiphysics modelling of the nanooptics and electron emission properties of plasmonic nanostructures, plasmonics with angular momentum and modelling of space charge effects in thermionic energy converters.

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